Top Story – Communist Chinese regime wants seat on UN Human Rights Council, never mind its history: The Chinese Communist Party are hoping to land on the UHRC thanks in part to their competition – Vietnam and Saudi Arabia (Epoch Times). Then again, given the detainment of Sun Desheng and the treatment of Chen Yongzhou (Epoch Times), perhaps Vietnam and Saudi Arabia may be in better shape.

How the two halves of China live: The Communist Party elite have the Pei County office building, where “One cadre’s office is 1,000 square feet large, and includes its own break room—with wood paneling, couches, plants, flowers, and a double bed” (Epoch Times). Everyone else gets a lake of dead fish and lung cancer…in an eight-year old (Epoch Times).

Computer engineers in Taiwan rail against cross-strait service pact: The CCP-KMT deal finds more opponents (Taipei Times).

News from the Korean colony: One Free Korea rails against the Viceroy’s decision to starve his population in order to feed his military, which is still having its problems.