Top Story – Canadian government told Blackberry to stay away from Lenovo: According to the Globe and Mail, Communist Chinese firm Lenovo “actively considered a bid for BlackBerry Ltd., but the Canadian government told the smartphone company it would not accept a Chinese takeover because of national security concerns.” The Canadian firm chose against selling itself altogether this week.

New term for US-China relations – “cool war”: That’s the phrase coined by Harvard law professor Noah Feldman, who tells the National Post that the Communist regime is “both a cooperative economic power and a highly competitive geopolitical power.” I’m not sure I’m as sanguine about the CCP’s incentives to be “cooperative” as Feldman is, but he is one of the few analysts who will acknowledge the geopolitical competition.

Xi Jinping looking to further consolidate power: That won’t be the headline from this Stratfor story, but it is the inevitable take away.

Korean colony’s new missile could hit the US: Admiral Samuel Locklear, Commander of American forces in the Pacific, informed foreign reporters of this on Tuesday. The missile in question – KN-08 – was paraded through Pyongyang last year, along with a launcher system sent to the Viceroy by his colonial masters in Zhongnanhai, in “a militarily significant violation of U.N. sanctions against North Korea” (Washington Times).