Top Story – Japanese military drills move missiles to Okinawa and Miyako: This is the first time the latter island has hosted missiles, and a clear sign that the Japanese are serious about defending territory under their control from spurious Communist Chinese claims. Naturally, the Chinese Communist regime was not happy. Report: Taipei Times

Dissidents within Communist China join call to keep the regime out of the UN Human Rights Council: The Chinese Human Rights Defenders has the details, including not only complaints about the regime’s behavior within China, but also its kid-gloves treatment of the world’s worst tyrannies. Report: Epoch Times

Other Human Rights News: The editors of the Epoch Times call for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. The paper <a href= “”also examines a new film on the life of Gao Zhiseng.

Taiwan signs free trade agreement with Singapore: The deal is “the first of its kind with a Southeast Asian country” (Taipei Times ).
Pro-unification party in Taiwan has ties to organized crime: Police in the island democracy have found extensive links between the China Unification Promotion Party and gang activity. Report: Taipei Times

Other Taiwan News: The editors of the Taipei Times lament how the national flag can cause such controversy – mainly because so many refuse to acknowledge Taiwan’s true status. Ping Lu examines the troubling similarities between the island democracy and Hong Kong (Taipei Times ). The opposition Democratic Progressives hit President Ma Ying-jeou on an issue that should be familiar to Americans – the debt-ceiling (Taipei Times ).

Investors pulling out of Kaesong: Clearly the Viceroy’s behavior has many businesses from democratic Korea skittish about putting their money in the colony. Report: One Free Korea