Top Story – Communist China still engaged in mass spying against Taiwan: Despite all of the kisses blown to the mainland by Ma Ying-jeou’s government, the Chinese Communist Party “continues to engage in ‘aggressive espionage activities’ against Taiwan, says a report to the US Congress” (Taipei Times).

Turkey backing away from Chinese Communist missiles: The NATO member had raised eyebrows among its allies when it decided to buy surface-to-air missiles for defense from Communist China.  Now, Turkey’s Defense Minister says he wants to see more bids, which is taken as a sign “Turkey will likely now select a missile defense system from a country other than China” (Epoch Times).

Say what? Justin Trudeau has high praise for Chinese Communist regime: The leader of Canada’s Liberal Party spouted the Friedmanesque nonsense about the regime having the power to “go green fastest” (Yahoo), leading to the question of whether he is a craven admirer of the regime or just an ignorant fool (Epoch Times). Then again, there is plenty of company for that (Epoch Times).

Confucius Institutes extend the Long Arm of Lawlessness to the US: Marshall Sahlins (Nation) has the details on how the regime uses the institutes to stifle discussion about the regime’s atrocities and geopolitical ambitions.

More International News: The regime-owned CNOOC inks a deal with British Columbia for a potential liquified natural gas pipeline (Upstream). The regime ups its aid for the typhoon-damaged Philippines (Manila Bulletin). An Idaho town learns that investment from Communist China is not all it’s cracked up to be (Idaho Statesmen). Wen Jian (Epoch Times) examines the pitiful quality of Communist Chinese exports.

Chinese Communist Party holds Third Plenum: The regime’s elite gave more vague comments about “reform” (Epoch Times), but its tyranny continued unabated (Epoch Times). The only loosening even considered was a very slight change to the hideous “one child” policy (Epoch Times).

Arrest of reporter sparks protests in Tibet: Tsultrim Gyaltsen was arrested last month, and many in Tibet are demanding his release, which is getting them arrested, too (Epoch Times).

Korean Viceroy publicizing executions in the colony: According to Breitbart, the capital offenses were “relatively minor infractions, such as watching South Korean movies or distributing pornographic material.”