Events are making blogging less frequent, but I will continue to post, perhaps more weekly than daily. That said, onward.

Top Story – “Made in China” now means “made for cyberattack”: Products made in Communist China “from kettles to laptops, from USB keys to cameras, and from consumer software right up to military components” (Epoch Times) are coming with installed cyber back-doors or surveillance devices. One cyber-security expert called it “a generation beyond what we’ve seen before.” On the IT side, the biggest culprits were Huawei and ZTE.

About those nuclear submarines…Admiral John Greenert is not very concerned about the Chinese Communist Party’s nuclear submarine fleet, noting several flaws and problems. Report: Epoch Times

Other American-Related News: Gordon Chang explains why America is so much more generous around the world than the CCP. One Free Korea discusses how the CCP and its Korean colony manipulate the foreign press.

CCP rearranges the chairs, with more power for Xi Jinping: The party boss will likely use the new State Security Committee to ” integrate the activities of the Party, military, judiciary, domestic security, and intelligence agencies” (Epoch Times). The Chinese people, of course, will still be powerless (Epoch Times, more Epoch Times).

Violent incidences on the rise in Communist China, a direct result of the regime’s refusal to allow peaceful decent, so believes Gordon Chang.

Former Hong Kong Jurist tells CCP to stay out of judicial rulings: Andrew Li called on the CCP to respect the rule of law. Something tells me they won’t be listening in Zhongnanhai. Report: Epoch Times

Communist press rips Chris Patten for talking about democracy in Hong Kong: Patten was the last British governor of the city, and the one who democratized it. The latter has infuriated the regime (Epoch Times).

Taiwan wants in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is getting frigates: Ex-Vice President began the lobbying effort for the island democracy to join the TPP (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, two Perry-class American frigates will be headed Taiwan’s way in 2015 (Taipei Times).