Top Story – US defies Communist China’s Senkaku “Air Defense Zone” by flying B-52s right through it: In a show of defiance that was seen the world over, the American military responded to Communist China’s new “air defense zone” by flying two B-52s through the zone without doing any of the “requirements” demanded by the Communist Chinese regime (National Review Online – The Corner). The planes flew right over the Senkaku Islands, which Zhongnanhai included in the zone despite the fact that the islands are under Japanese control (BBC). Meanwhile, both Japan and South Korea castigated the Chinese Communist Party for the zone declaration (Epoch Times), but the CCP-friendly government on Taiwan knuckled under to the demands (Taipei Times), much to the opposition’s chagrin.

U.S.–China Economic and Security Review Commission recommends American naval buildup to counter Communist China: The recommendation came in the Commission’s latest report, which cast a wary eye toward the Communist regime’s naval and cyber-spying activities. Report: Epoch Times

Cadres moving money overseas as Xi Jinping’s “corruption” crackdown continues: The Communist party boos is taking his public fight against corruption to the military and the family of Li Changchun (Epoch Times), while those still outside his grasp are moving their money anywhere outside of the CCP’s reach (CNBC). However, as He Qinglian notes in the Epoch Times, Xi is doing all of this not to clean up the system, but to enforce greater control over it for himself. Thus, my Three Rules still apply.

Pipeline Explosion? What Pipeline Explosion? The CCP’s media control is once again in force, this time regarding a pipeline explosion is Qingdao (Epoch Times). Apparently the straitjacket is so tight that local reporters have come to call orders from Zhongnanhai to be “Directives from the Ministry of Truth.” Ouch.

Debate continues in Taiwan on cross-straits service agreement: Larger business have lined up in favor of the pact, while the pan-green Taiwan Solidarity Union (usual ally to the Democratic Progressives) continues to rail against it (Taipei Times).

News from the CCP’s Korean Colony: More women are turning to prostitution to stay alive – despite word of a decent harvest – while the Viceroy faces more sanctions…and plots new nonsense (One Free Korea).