Top Story: South Korea and Japan push back against Communist Chinese “air defense zone”, rest of the world more skittish: As Japan ” called on the international community to oppose China’s recently declared maritime air defense zone” (Taipei Times), South Korea did them one better and expanded its own ADIZ (air defense identification zone) to include area claimed by the Chinese Communist Party (Taipei Times). The CCP’s zone includes the air over Japan’s Senkaku Islands, which the CCP claims as its own despite having never set foot there.

Meanwhile, Washington seems to be talking about of both sides of its mouth (NRO – The Corner, Weekly Standard). Even worse, Taiwan’s government, which made its name cozying up to the CCP, is refusing to back up Tokyo and Seoul (Taipei Times), but on the plus side, the people of Taiwan are much more ready to stand up to Zhongnanhai (Taipei Times).

More Taiwan news: Under pressure from the anti-Communist opposition, Taiwan’s government is considering a crackdown on civil servants studying in Communist China – which is illegal (Taipei Times). The opposition also called for the cross-straits-service treaty with the CCP to be torn up (Taipei Times).

British Prime Minister visits Communist China, meets scorn both there and at home: David Cameron’s attempt to present his country as a suitable place for Communist Chinese investment brought derision from his fellow Britons (Conservative HomeSpectator Coffee House)…and his hosts (Coffee House).

Communist crackdown on free press extends to Bloomberg and New York TimesThe American media companies for “investigative stories on wealth accumulated by leaders’ families” (Epoch Times). After all, we can’t have anyone know how much of stolen wealth the cadres have squirreled away (Epoch Times).

CCTV reporter forced out after criticizing censorship: Wang Qinglei was driven out of China Central Television (CCTV – the Communists’ TV propaganda arm) because he disagreed with the networks attack on anti-Communist bloggers. He made his feelings known on his own blog. The post was wiped out the next day (Epoch Times).

Remember when the CCP said they’d get rid of organ harvesting? Well, it’s easy to do that if no one is holding you accountable and the data is secret (Epoch Times).

More Human Rights News: Five women speak to a congressional committee about life without their fathers, all of whom are political prisoners in Communist China (Epoch Times). Li Lanqing would like to be known as an artist, but those who know this bloodthirsty cadre’s victims have other plans (Epoch Times). Finally, Joshua Phillip (Epoch Times) examines the CCP’s web propaganda wing.

American food safety inspectors having trouble checking Communist Chinese exports: Among the games the cadres play are visa delays, access restrictions, and three-factory-monty (Epoch Times).

Regime;s new anti-corruption laws violated 20,000 times last year, and those are just the one to which the CCP will admit (Epoch Times).

Smog hits “nearly half of China”: At least that’s how it was reported in the Epoch Times. Still, the regime itself admitted that air levels were bad in over 100 cities on Sunday, another consequence of the regime’s massive overdevelopment that would never have occurred in a genuinely free market.

Hong Kong regime bungling so badly even Li Ka-Shing speaks out against it: As someone who has warily eyed the Hutchison Whampoa chief for years, I am growing increasingly shocked at Li’s subtle but unmistakable shift against the Communists’ Hong Kong crew (Epoch Times). While it appears that Li is playing factional politics within the CCP, rather than openly opposing the entire regime, it is a sign of how unpopular the city’s cadres have become. Of course, their response is to make it harder for people to complain (Epoch Times) while finding ways to back out of their promise of a fully democratic Hong Kong (Gordon Chang).

Korean colony working with Tehran on ICBM: It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the CCP’s oldest Middle East ally and its Korean colony are military partners, but it will anyway. Report: One Free Korea

Viceroy erases uncle from the record, revealing disarray: While there has been much speculation and concern over Kim Jong-un (a.k.a., the Viceroy) declaring his uncle persona non grata (Epoch Times, One Free Korea), things are actually much worse in the colony, to the point where “security forces (are) shooting each others’ officers” (One Free Korea). Sadly, the forced starvation, prison camps, and games with unpopular foreigners are still going strong (One Free Korea).