Top Story – Taiwanese still leery of cross-strait services trade with Communist China: As the island democracy’s legislature continued its hectic review of thew services trade agreement with Communist China signed by President Ma Ying-jeou (Taipei Times), a poll by Taiwan Indicator Survey Research found that less than a third of Taiwanese support the deal. Forty-four percent opposed it (Taipei Times).

Remember when the Chinese Communists said they would phase out organ harvesting? Because they don’t: In fact, Huang Jiefu – the Communists’ current organ donation chief – wants more organs from executed prisoners (Epoch Times).

Arrests made in attack on anti-Communist Hong Kong journalist: Kevin Lau, who was editor at Ming Pao until he was fired in January, was attacked by thugs last month. Both misfortunes are presumed to be for his hard-hitting articles criticizing Communist rule (Gordon Chang). Nine arrests were made, but it is generally believed those who ordered the attack were not among them (Epoch Times).

Has Communist China had it with their Korean Viceroy? Gordon Chang seems to think it is a possibility. What is certain, however, is that Chang himself has had enough.