About the Authors

D.J. McGuire
D.J. McGuire co-founded the China e-Lobby in 2000 as a lobbying group/email listserve focused on Communist China. In 2001, it became a website, and in 2005 I switched it to a blog (Blogger – switched to WordPress in 2011).

In September 2002, one year after 9/11/01, McGuire noticed a glaring omission from the prevailing discussions about the war against terror: Communist China’s role in aiding terrorist states. That inspired him to write Dragon in the Dark: How and Why Communist China Helps Our Enemies in the War on Terror, which was published a year later. He has also written several freelance columns for the Epoch Times, a leading anti-Communist publication.

Elizabeth Tomlinson
Elizabeth Tomlinson is a writer and a teacher of English Language Arts in the United States. She’s deeply concerned about the assault on Christianity and the values of the West that is endemic across the world, and recognizes that the point country for that assault is Communist China.


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